Breastfeeding Basics at Naturally Loved

Breastfeeding Basics
When:Sat, November 19, 2pm – 4pm
Where:7349 E 29th Ave. Naturally Loved in Stapelton

Breastfeeding Basics will help families define their breastfeeding goals, improve communication with maternity care providers, broaden their knowledge of the science of lactation, identify common difficulties that can undermine breastfeeding success and dispel myths about milk supply. Taught by Jennifer Zorich, CD, CLC. 303-681-1935 Please join us for this 2 hour informative class & as always babies are welcome.

Brand New Day

Sometimes it feels like each day is a completely new revision of my life. Even switching from my old host to wordpress feels monumental, though it is probably the smallest change I have made recently. Looking at all of this empty blog space feels completely overwhelming but I imagine in time I will fill it, the same way I have filled so completely all of the other spaces in my life.

Looking for new web hosting solutions was prompted by feedback that my website wasn’t visible on some browsers. So, feeling like it was time for a change anyway I threw the baby out with the bath water and started from scratch. Hopefully in the coming days (maybe months) as I navigate wordpress I will have all of my information up and updated as well. I might even repost some of my favorites from my old and largely out of use blog. In the meantime I will try to catch you up on some of the changes that have taken place in the last month.

I have moved down the street from Fertile Ground and am now using The Om Flow as my massage practice space. It’s less than half a block so I hope that will keep all of you coming my way… just a few steps further. Though I will miss the beautiful space I created at Fertile Ground and all of the wonderful practitioners this will give me some financial freedom that I didn’t have before to pursue other goals. What other goals, you may ask? For a long time I have wanted to become board certified in lactation but I haven’t pursued it because without also becoming an RN it wouldn’t really give me more in terms of professional cred than I currently have as a CLC. What that means is that unless I always want to be in private practice I wouldn’t spend money in pursuit of a certification that won’t give me any more job opportunities. In order to work in the hospital (in most states) I would also need to be an RN. So, with that reality in front of me I decided if I have to go back to school to be an RN, why not just become a midwife? So it seems I am headed down that path, slowly, one step at a time, and with much trepidation. Maybe as my student loan debt mounts I’ll change my mind but for now I am going to go in that direction while I keep myself open to change. Maybe it won’t feel right, maybe it isn’t the right time for my family, it feels like there are a thousand what-ifs and fears of failure, but I’ve fallen before and if there is one thing I know how to do it’s get up and move on.

I guess that is the most noteworthy change in my professional life, a small move down the street. I am still offering Birthing From Within classes at Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek and Breastfeeding Basics at Naturally Loved in Stapelton. I am still taking Doula clients with due dates up until February 6th and then I am going to take a little spring break!

Thanks for all of the wonderful referrals that have been coming my way lately. I feel very blessed to work with all of you, and have the privilege of doing such fulfilling work.