The Good Parent Trap

I am incredibly lucky to be in the place that I am. I have a fairly average existence which is a pretty good place to be as a single mom. Anyone who has been through a divorce knows a single mother is in a pretty high statistical risk group for living in poverty. I have chosen a path in life that has been extremely fulfilling professionally. Doula work allows me time to be available to my children but I often struggle financially. On a good day it is fine, but on days when the sewer pipe in the crawl space breaks there isn’t much of a disaster reserve fund.

I don’t have much extra cash for sports and extra curricular activities for the kids but my ex-husband does. He not only has the money, some of it likely an endowment from his parents, but he has the desire to see them  excel at every single thing that they can imagine wanting to do, and as a result my kids have a packed schedule  even though one of them is only in elementary school. Thursday’s and Sunday’s are the only free days with no planned activities or sports. It might sound great; all that exposure to a variety of stuff, and it is a variety. There are two different instruments to learn, three different sports, and an intellectual pursuit.
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New Breastfeeding Class at Naturally Loved

Breastfeeding Basics

2 hour class at Naturally Loved in Stapleton

February 11th 12:00pm

Breastfeeding Basics will help families define their breastfeeding goals, improve communication with maternity care providers, broaden their knowledge of the science of lactation, identify common difficulties that can undermine breastfeeding success and dispel myths about milk supply. Taught by Jennifer Zorich, CD, CLC. 303-681-1935 Please join us for this 2 hour informative class & as always babies are welcome.