Birthing From Within

Birthing From WIthin is a unique approach to childbirth preparation. It is far from the stale lecture/powerpoint type childbirth classes that put mom’s and dad’s to sleep. Birthing From Within teaches about Birth as a rite of passage, a hero’s journey, a time to examine and explore the ideas and beliefs that shape birth in our culture. Each class series is tailored to meet the needs of the individuals in that class, and lesson plans allow for spontaneous discussion. Birthing From Within classes will help couples:

  • Experience birth as a rite of passage
  • Open your body-mind before and during labor with relaxation and visualizations
  • Build confidence in yourself and your partner
  • Ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • Build a pain coping mindset
  • Protect your birth space
  • Discover and address your fears about birth
  • Recover and plan postpartum
  • Care for and feed your newborn
  • Birth from within during a Cesarean, while using pain medication or with medical support.

Here is what other parent’s who have taken this class have to say about their experience!

“we connected a lot around the class-inspired great conversations & clarity”

“Talking about birth has been invaluable. It is three hours dedicated to preparing mentally for the most important day of my life so far”

“I was truly impressed with Jen’s ability to facilitate serious, deep discussions in a fun and playful way.”

“[This class] has opened our communication about needs, and birthing expectations”

“I was skeptical before attending – didn’t think I needed this- but realized this class was instrumental in getting over the biggest barrier- myself”

Couples learn through interactive discussion, hands on activities, and real pain coping practice.

Classes are held in Denver, Longmont and Fort Collins, please check the schedule to view upcoming classes.

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