Labor Support

A doula does not replace a physician or midwife, but a doula can be a vital and important part of the birth team.  A doula is a support person for the mother and her partner during the labor, offering encouragement and wisdom to help you move through the process of labor and birth, and helping to keep a positive and sacred birthing space. 

Jennifer has been attending births for ten years, and has worked at most of the hospitals in the Denver and Fort Collins Metro area as well as Mountain Midwifery’s Birth Center. She takes pride in cultivating positive and respectful relationships with her clients and their care providers.

Jennifer often works in cooperation with Stephanie Rayburn, of Birth Passages, LLC., in Fort Collins and with Lauren Williams in Denver. By working together, they are able to offer top-quality doula care in the Birthing From Within philosophy of honoring the process of the mother and her partner in birthing their baby and birthing themselves as parents. If you are seeking to bring the care and attention of a birth mentor into your birthing space, please call or email and let’s set up an interview!

ALACE 2009
Licensed Massage Therapist 2009
Certified Lactation Counselor 2011, 2014
Birthing From Within Advanced Mentor Training November 2012
Applied Teaching Methods in Lactation Education for Health Professionals 2015
Maternal and Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding and Lactation 2015

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