Under Attack: The Benefits of Breastfeeding

I appreciate the idea that we have to question our beliefs and challenge our assumptions. I, like many people wish that the best things for my children were also the easiest most attainable things. I longed for my sleep when breastfeeding, and I am still longing for it almost six months after weaning my 3rd and last child. I wish that the incredibly yummy frozen, microwaveable mac & cheese from Trader Joe’s was a well balanced meal. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty that in the absence of a school lunch program, this is what often finds its way into my kids lunch boxes. Continue reading

Four Words I Need to Hear

So many days I feel alone in this hell called adulthood. I often feel crushed under the weight of all of the things to do and all of the demands on my time. I feel resentful when my partner waltzes off to work, I envy his hour alone in the car and his lunch break workouts. I imagine what it would be like to leave all of the demands of home behind and have one single focus for an entire eight hours. It sounds like heaven.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Well, The Huffington Post finally published something that annoyed me enough to inspire actually writing on my very neglected blog. 10 Best Things about Married Sex had an opportunity to shed some delightful truth on a subject that I love to discuss but instead fell woefully short. Not only that, but lets call it long term monogamous sex, I’m not married by choice but I consider our partnership in the same category as couples who do choose to be married, so lets no be so exclusive. This terrible article listed everything from “advanced degrees” in each others bodies to being able to laugh when one farts between the sheets. It was depressing really.

This is my real truth about sex. Continue reading

The Birth of Being

I originally shared this post on face book but it’s one of my favorites so I thought it deserved another go around.  Enjoy, and by the way, this mama rocked her birth!

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather with one of my momma’s who is due very soon. She is no longer energized with the excitement of planning for the arrival of her first child. Her voice, her body the very energy that she exudes is calm and centered. She is a mother ready to bring her child into the peaceful space she has created. Her evolution is beautiful to watch. She has let go of the “doing” and the “learning” that occupies so much of pregnancy and is present in her body, in this moment in her life, she is fully experiencing the “being” that we sometimes feel to busy and tired to embrace. Sitting next to her on her patio with the sun streaming through the aspens is an almost spiritual experience. Pregnant women are powerful, beautiful creatures. It’s hard work growing a baby and damn hard work to give birth to one, women must be as strong as they are tender. Bringing forth another life is something that feels largely taken for granted, lost in all of the medical technology, and the books that eschew the value of experiencing any aspect of pregnancy or birth if it means feeling the slightest discomfort.

Her ankles are swollen after a walk around the neighborhood and she laugh’s about it as she alternates between soaking her dog and her ankles with the hose. Never a complaint. What a joy to be with someone who embraces being pregnant and is looking forward to giving birth. I am content to just be with her in the sacred space she has created around herself and her child. I feel we are sharing an unspoken truth about motherhood, that “being” is as valuable as “doing”. There is no magic formula for getting it right. It already is right. She asks me if I am sure she doesn’t need to prepare anymore for the birth. I assure her she doesn’t, she is ready. She smiles, relieved. “Good, I don’t feel like reading anything else”. I smile back at her, she is settled in, and I believe that it isn’t her reading or yoga that has helped her arrive at this place. I believe that she has accepted her own innate knowledge as a mother. That she has found at the heart of herself everything she needs to know to be a mother. And the answer to most questions as a parent is love. This is actually the answer to most questions as a human; be more loving. She is emanating love, beaming with it, and I hope that she will remember this power when she faces that challenges that most certainly will come, especially as a single mother. It’s a nice reminder for all of us really, myself especially, that we can all go to that place, that center of being, the radiant heart of love and operate from that place. It’s often hard to sustain that centering but that is why God, or the Universe should you prefer that title, places so many wise people and transcendent moments in our paths to remind us of all we are capable of when we open our hearts to love.