Under Attack: The Benefits of Breastfeeding

I appreciate the idea that we have to question our beliefs and challenge our assumptions. I, like many people wish that the best things for my children were also the easiest most attainable things. I longed for my sleep when breastfeeding, and I am still longing for it almost six months after weaning my 3rd and last child. I wish that the incredibly yummy frozen, microwaveable mac & cheese from Trader Joe’s was a well balanced meal. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty that in the absence of a school lunch program, this is what often finds its way into my kids lunch boxes. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Well, The Huffington Post finally published something that annoyed me enough to inspire actually writing on my very neglected blog. 10 Best Things about Married Sex had an opportunity to shed some delightful truth on a subject that I love to discuss but instead fell woefully short. Not only that, but lets call it long term monogamous sex, I’m not married by choice but I consider our partnership in the same category as couples who do choose to be married, so lets no be so exclusive. This terrible article listed everything from “advanced degrees” in each others bodies to being able to laugh when one farts between the sheets. It was depressing really.

This is my real truth about sex. Continue reading